- Education projects.

Mathways solver is an interactive notebook to support online training and assessment of word problems. The student is encouraged to find a strategy by himself, getting help from Mathways when required. Project included development of mathematical solver from scratch and neuro network for recognising hand written input. Both desktop version and mobile application are available.

Mobile application renders mathematical expressions easily using handwriting with no constraints. The result can be shared as an image or as a LaTeX* or MathML* string for integration in your documents or even share to other external computation software like WolframAlpha. is designed for private US-based company, contacts can be given on demand.


Packet24 is peer to peer online delivery service targeting german market that brings couriers and customers together, so privately sent post gets better and faster from A to B. The idea behind innovative concept: Everyone can carry letters and packages and make money. With the simple registeration on, user can be informed when a parcel needs to be delivered in your area or on the route you have defined.

Private customers, who want to send parcels, benefit from a quick delivery by Parcel24. After the one-time registration, user can choose from different options for each delivery: express, cheap or environmentally friendly. The price is determined by the transport route and duration. Once a courier accepts the order, the letter or parcel sets off and user is notified immediately. In general, the transport starts within 24 hours.

Packet24 is designed for private german courier company, contacts can be given on demand. is the exclusive online store from Delticom AG for workshops, retailers, resellers, wholesalers and fitters of tyres and car accessories for the EU market. 2 Traces Software prepared complete redesign of existing high load online store to mobile devices, including iOS and Android platform, payment processing, API protocol and managing extensive analytics tools.

Delticom, Europe's leading tyre dealers on the internet, was founded in 1999 in Hanover. The company supplies private and commercial customers via over 100 online stores in 42 countries with an unequalled wide range of tyres for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, vans, lorries, buses, plus special tyres and complete wheel sets (pre-mounted tyres on rims), selected replacement parts and accessories, motor oil and batteries. Application is targeting on simplifying interaction with existing customers thus lowering pressure on phone customer support.